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Zhangjiajie Vide Hotel

By Sun Xiaoqi | Updated : Jul 16, 2021
Zhangjiajie Vide Hotel, invested by Hunan Vide Group, is a deluxe business hotel integrating accommodation, catering, office, business and leisure. Located on No.9, Dayong Middle Road, Zhangjiajie, the hotel lies at the foot of Tianmen Mountain, adjacent to Tianmen Mountain Ropeway.

It is only 3 minutes' drive from the railway station, 5 minutes' drive from the airport, and 30 minutes' drive from Zhangjiajie's core scenic spot, with convenient transportation and elegant environment.

The main building of Vide Hotel has 10 floors, with independent reception service, business center, catering, guest rooms, entertainment, leisure, shopping mall and boutique, etc. 

It has more than 180 rooms, such as deluxe suites, business suites, deluxe double bedrooms, and restaurants with Chinese and western characteristics, VIP business rooms, conference rooms, etc. 

Edited by Li Ling

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