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Knock Wine in Zhangjiajie

By Zuo Yan | Updated : Jul 29, 2021
Qiaoqiao Wine, or knock wine, gains its popularity by its interesting name and its unique vessel. The yellowish wine, preserved in a bamboo tube, is lustrously clear, and tastes fresh and sweet.

Its production process is very sophisticated: In Spring, people of Tujia Ethnic Group pour the brewed rice wine into growing bamboos’ tubes so that the fermentation process of the wine can keep pace with the growth rate of the bamboos. The wine ferments in the tubes till autumn when the bamboos are basically shaped, and then people will chop them down and stored the wine in the cellar.

Before drinking the wine, you need to tap a hole on the bamboo tube’s top and then pour the wine into a cup. Knocking times conveys different connotations. This is especially the case when a host entertains a guest. One knock means that the host takes the guest as a rare guest; two knocks means that he wants to drink his fill with the guest, and three knocks shows that he wants to be the guest’s sworn brother. 

Edited by Li Ling 

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