Sangzhi sees bumper rice harvest

By Li Liandi | Updated : Sep 13, 2021
The rice is being harvested at all parts of Sangzhi county. The golden rice fields and busy harvesters form a beautiful idyllic scene.

On September 8, at the high-quality rice production base in Maluo village, Shangdongjie township, Sangzhi county, a harvester was seen shuttling back and forth in the paddy fields to harvest rice.

Since this year, led by green agricultural development, the county has made great efforts to develop high-quality rice industry with steadily increasing grain area and output. It has taken series of measures to ensure the grain production, product quality and agricultural ecological environment security, including building bases, promoting key technologies for grain production, and achieving negative growth in pesticide application.

In the whole year, the sown area of grain reached more than 570,000 mu (38,000 hectares), and the total output reached 152,000 tons. The planting area of high-quality rice in the county was more than 210,000 mu (14,000 hectares), and the total output was more than 81,000 tons.

The county has actively implemented the subsidy policies for purchasing high-quality rice to improve farmers’ enthusiasm for growing rice. It provides a subsidy of 80 yuan per mu to large grain growers, business entities and poverty-stricken households with more than 30 mu (2 hectares) of rice in the county for seed purchase. 

Edited by Li Ling 

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