Mudixi Village sees gradual tourism recovery

By Zuo Yan | Updated : Sep 13, 2021
More than 20 officers and policemen from the traffic police detachment of Zhangjiajie City came to Mudixi Village, Yongding District to carry out their team building activity. The detachment is the first unit that conducts a team building activity in the village after Zhangjaijie’s reopening on August 25.

Zhangjiajie Traffic Police Detachment attaches great importance to team building in effort to know the young police well and their needs. During the epidemic outbreak in July and August, the detachment showed their dedication and unyielding spirit, and thus won the admiration of the citizens.

After knowing that the village is abundant in red tourism resources, the detachment then organized an activity to retrace the footsteps of the Red Army. 

Afterwards, the leader of the team held a meeting with the working and Party branch committees of the village to discuss the way for the revitalization and development of the village.

After the meeting, the detachment dropped a visit to five Party members of more than 80 years old who have been in the Party for more than 50 years, and encouraged them to do their bit for rural revitalization in their autumn years.

This team building activity has stimulated local tourism and boosted the villagers’ confidence in overcoming the epidemic and resuming work and production. At the same time, it has also provided ideas for rural revitalization after the epidemic. 

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports