Zhangjiajie sees post-epidemic tourism boom

Updated : Oct 11, 2021
According to Zhangjiajie Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Television and Sports, Zhangjiajie was expected to receive 1.668 million tourists during the National Day holiday, down by 27.94% year on year, with tourism revenue expected to reach 1.954 billion yuan, down by 2.64% year on year.

Tianmen Mountain tops the scenic spots with 100,000 tourists

On September 29, famous singers were invited to Zhangjiajie, cheering for the recovery of tourism. The scenic area, which just revived from the epidemic, ushered in the National Day holiday with full enthusiasm and preparation and achieved great results.

From October 1 to October 7, major scenic spots like Wulingyuan core scenic area, Tianmen Mountain, the Grand Canyon and Jiutian Fenglian received 83204, 94029, 44733 and 13588 tourists respectively.

Other scenic spots like Huanglong Cave, Xibu Old Street, He Long Memorial Hall, Tujia Folk Customs Park and Wanfu Hot Spring Resort received 17478, 21494, 35155, 7790 and 8501 tourists respectively.

The Changsha-Zhangjiajie Expressway, Zhangjiajie-Huayuan Expressway and tourist roads showed good order during this holiday. The scenic spots adopted tourist reservation and staggered visits and carried out a series of activities to meet tourists’ need of cultural experience.

Considerate service like convenient transportation, adequate parking slots, and cozy accommodation satisfied all kinds of needs. No tourist complaints were received by 12301, the national tourism complaint platform. Zhangjiajie Municipal Government hotline accepted 73 valid tourism complaints, which dropped by 48.59% year on year.

Family tours and rural tours go viral

The data shows that family tour has become dominant in holiday tourism market this year. Zhangjiajie received a total of 3,718 tourist groups and 52,987 tourists during the holidays. Among them, there are 2,586 groups from Hunan province with 40,962 people accounting for 77.3%. The top 4 areas receiving the majority of group tourists from Hunan are Changsha, Xiangtan, Zhangjiajie and Zhuzhou.

Country tours, cultural tours, and red tours are popular. He Long Memorial Hall and long March Memorial Hall saw visitors in continuous stream. Products like sight-seeing and sanatorium experience in Wanfu Hot Spring and (Chaoyang) Cliff Seam Scenic Spot, as well as rural scenic spots like Shiyanping, Chongshan and Mudixi enjoyed great popularity. The number of tourists in Tianleshan increased by 81.77% year on year, with Shiyanping by 155.14% and Pipa Garden by 5.64%. The trips to Hongjiaguan Scenic spot accounted for 87% of the total in Sangzhi County.

No travel-related COVID-19 case reported

During the National Day holiday, Zhangjiajie folk drama “Charming Xiangxi” was performed once a day. Before the performance, tourists were required to show the health codes and digital travel records, and then take temperature and disinfect themselves. The audience was controlled within half of the total number of seats.

According to the Zhangjiajie Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Television and Sports, there was no travel-related COVID-19 case reported during this holiday.

The local government demanded that travel agencies were not allowed to receive inter-provincial groups and proposed a ban on inter-provincial groups from Yunnan Province, Fujian Province, Heilongjiang Province and other medium- and high-risk provinces. Travel agencies in Zhangjiajie took initiative to report the information of group tourists from medium-and high-risk areas, and strengthened the investigation of identity, travel records and other information through “Quanyutong” system. It was found that 400 group tourists came from Heilongjiang Province, Fujian Province and Xinjiang Province.

A total of 347 cultural and tourism enterprises in Zhangjiajie City have installed inspection channels, and 914 enterprises have registered “Zhangjiajie Health Code”. They further standardized the epidemic prevention measures such as two-code inspection, temperature measurement, real-name registration, and so on. The scenic areas limited tourist number, required online reservation and advocated off-peak tour.

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports