Huanglong Cave sees tourist boom during National Day

By Zhu Simin | Updated : Oct 09, 2021
During the National Day holiday, Huanglong Cave Scenic Spot received 17,715 tourists, nearly 60% of the same period last year. The tourism reception has sustained an orderly manner, without work safety accidents and travel complaints. Tourist satisfaction is as high as 96%, showing that the travel experience of tourists has not been affected by the epidemic prevention and control.

 “We strive to improve the quality of tourism reception with service and product innovation while strictly implementing normal epidemic prevention and control measures,” said the operation director of the Huanglong Cave Scenic Spot.

During the holiday, Huanglong Cave Company adopted a series of measures such as introducing the monitoring system of the epidemic prevention and control, extending the opening hours of the scenic spot and increasing the number of staff. It also launched some experiential activities integrating research and education, leisure and entertainment, and sightseeing. The activities included paddy parks and intangible heritage workshops, providing a perfect holiday for tourists at home and abroad.


Edited by Li Ling 

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