Zhangjiajie, Yueyang to co-create cultural tourism brand

By Sun Xiaoqi | Updated : Oct 13, 2021
The signing ceremony to mark the joint efforts of Zhangjiajie and Yueyang on building a cultural tourism brand and facilitating all-for one tourism in Hunan was held on October 11.

Zhangjiajie, a world-famous tourist city and a shining card of Hunan, boasts its "unique mountains, clean waters, deep valleys and beautiful caves". And Yueyang is the national historical and cultural city and one of the first batch of China Excellent Tourist Cities, which integrates famous islands, towers and lakes with profound culture and beautiful scenery.

The two cities complement each other in cultural tourism resources and have highly consistent positioning. 

At the ceremony, the two cities signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly develop regional brand routes, release preferential tourism policies, carry out tourism promotion and environmental protection, and improve services.

The two cities will strengthen exchanges and cooperation, establish a mutual trust and mutual assistance mechanism to create a quality tourism environment and a tourism brand, and facilitate better and faster economic development of both places.
At the seminar about cultural tourism exchange and cooperation, the cultural tourism departments and enterprises from both sides put forward some targeted and feasible suggestions centering on building a bridge between Zhangjiajie and Yueyang for the development of cultural tourism and promoting the high-quality development.

Edited by Li Ling 

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