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‘Concert of Classic Songs’ to be broadcast every Friday

Updated : Oct 15, 2021
The music program “Concert of Classic Songs”, created by Ren Yang (the best producer of HNTV) and his team, will make its debut at 08:10 on the evening of October 22 in the form of outdoor concert at Wulingyuan. Singers popping up in different generations will be invited to perform classic songs and tell the stories behind. Singers will cover each other’s representative songs and share memories of different times through music.

“Concert of Classic Songs” will present a wonderful audio-visual feast in Wulingyuan core scenic area. Singers will perform classic songs based on their own memories, and explore the nature of music in intergenerational communication.  

“Concert of Classic Songs” has made great efforts to explore the new mode of music show. It is not only committed to creating a new form of high-quality music, but also brings new vitality to the industry. The concert will give a new interpretation of classical music and give the audience a sense of extreme freshness. This is another new exploration of HNTV in the field of music show, which combines the authenticity of outdoor documentary programs with the appreciation of high-quality music programs.

Previously, the show held tourism recommendation activities to advance the recovery of the tourism industry in Zhangjiajie after the epidemic. During the event, all kinds of natural and cultural heritage of Zhangjiajie were promoted in an interesting way, and the magnificent scenery was framed in customized postcards which have been well received by many netizens. Concert of Classic songs will be broadcast on HNTV at 20:30 every Friday from October 22.

Edited by Li Ling 

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