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9 airports in Hunan to implement new flight schedule

By Sun Xiaoqi | Updated : Oct 29, 2021
China Civil Aviation will carry out a new flight schedule in winter from October 31. Nine airports in Hunan province are scheduled to operate 5,987 flights every week.

Among them, Changsha Airport plans to operate 4,379 flights weekly, Zhangjiajie Airport 432, and other feeder airports 1,176.

Hunan Airport Group has continuously improved its air accessibility and route network layout. This winter, Changsha Airport will operate 181 routes connecting 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), and increases flights to Yingkou, Jiuzhai, Yangzhou, Guilin, Yulin, Tianfu, Anqing, Anshun, Lhasa, Luoyang, Chizhou, Baotou and other popular routes. 

Zhangjiajie Airport will operate 28 routes this season, serving 30 domestic airports. 16 new destinations such as Fuzhou, Hefei, Lanzhou, Qingdao, Bangkok and Manila will be added, as well as the Yueyang-Zhangjiajie flight route in the province.

Hunan Airport Group has been committed to building Hunan-Beijing and Hunan-Shanghai express lines, and improving the convenience of flights from Changsha to domestic key cities. 

According to the schedule, Changsha will have 27 daily flights to Beijing, 19 to Shanghai, 13 to Haikou, 12 to Chengdu, Kunming and Harbin, 11 to Xi’an, 10 to Chongqing, 9-10 to Xiamen and Urumqi.

The frequency of flights from Changsha to Changchun, Nanning, Harbin, Dalian, Haikou, Chongqing and Nanjing has improved. 

The flights from Changsha to Beijing will increase from 22 to 27, with new flights at 12:00, 14:00 and 21:00. 19 flights between Changsha and Shanghai cover all-day periods.

The flights from Changsha to Chengdu’s Tianfu Airport and Shuangliu Airport will increase from 10 to 12, including 5 flights added to Tianfu Airport. And Changsha will see one more flight to Xi’an at 21:00.

In addition, Hunan Airport Group also provides a series of red tourism routes from Changsha to Shanghai, Zunyi, Linyi, Baise and other places, including 5 routes, 24 red tourist attractions with the lowest fare of 360 yuan, customized boarding passes, theme flights and personalized service.

Hunan Airport Group has strengthened its cooperation with Hunan Airlines. Hunan Airlines' market share has increased from 1.4% to 3.5% in this season, making it the seventh airline in Changsha's market share. 

Hunan Airlines opens flight routes to Chongqing, Jinan, Urumqi, Lijiang, Yangzhou, Nanchang, Guilin, Qionghai, Yingkou, Turpan, Dehong, Yantai and other places, with 154 flights taking off and landing every week.

Edited by Li Ling 

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