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Jiangya Hot-spring Resort

Updated : Jul 29, 2019
Jiangya Hot-Spring Resort is located at Jiangya Town, Cili County, Zhangjiajie City. It has over 20 high-standard outdoor and indoor hot-springs with various functions.

The biggest hot-spring in the resort is the Concentric Spring which can have 200 people showering at the same time. Another specialty is the waterfall hot-spring where the water falls from an artificial hill.
The resort has many other entertainment activities besides hot-springs, such as playing table tennis, going to the gym or dance hall, as well as having Thailand or Chinese style massage. There are also star hotels in the resort. If time allows, stay for the night and enjoy local food is recommended.
Name: Jiangya Hot-spring, Zhangjiajie City
Tel: 0744-3355678
Address: Jiangya Hot-spring resort, Jiangya Town
Opening hours: 09:00-22:30
Recommended visiting hour: 3-5 hours
Fee: 188 yuan

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