Hunan’s first cooperative house-building project started

By Wang Xinhan | Updated : Nov 26, 2021
Recently, a cooperative house-building project between urban and rural residents in Chongshan Village of Zhangjiajie has been launched in an all-round way. This is the first pilot project of cooperative house building between urban and rural residents in Hunan Province.

The project is funded by urban residents with the land provided by qualified Chongshan villagers. Both sides possess certain proportion of real estate according to the cooperation agreement. Urban residents can occupy the houses on their own or entrust Zhangjiajie Chongshan Rural House Cooperative Project Management Company to operate and manage the houses. The company is responsible for preparing specific matters related to the project, carrying out agent construction management, and providing operation and management services later. The government is responsible for examination and approval, construction supervision, quality acceptance, and issuing the Real Property Ownership Certificate in accordance with the cooperative house-building agreement.

Located in the central part of Chongshan Yunduan International Summer Health Resort, the cooperative house building project between urban and rural residents is a first-phase demonstration project of the resort. The planned area of the project is 4.73 hectares, and 16 cooperative buildings are designed, each of which has 3 stories and 6 houses — 1 for villagers and 5 for urban residents. The cooperative house building adopts the standard of fine decoration, and creates a living space with back yards, which can be not only used for accommodation, but also for growing vegetables.

At present, the project has obtained a number of government administrative licenses, such as Village Planning, Rural Construction Planning License, Rural Homestead Approval, Reply to Pilot Work Plans and so on. Experts say that the project aims to explore the integration of rural revitalization and rural tourism development in Zhangjiajie, which is rich in tourism resources.

Edited by Li Ling 

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