Late night rescue of tourists trapped in Tianzi Mountain

Updated : Nov 24, 2021
A young couple got lost when traveling in the Tianzi Mountain Scenic Spot and was luckily rescued by the Scenic Spot Management Office on the evening of November 21.

 “After receiving their call for help, I immediately organized a rescue team in conjunction with the Tianzi Mountain Police Station and the Fire Brigade. As the night fell and the tourists were unable to tell the precise location, rescuers could only determine the location by shouting and then searched for them along the trail. After nearly three hours, we finally found the trapped tourists and sent them down the mountain safely,”said Qinhaoun, director of Tianzi Mountain Management Committee.

  "In recent years, due to the warm-hearted service, the management committee has received countless brocade flags and thank-you letters from tourists. As long as we can serve tourists well, it's worth our efforts," Qin Haojun added.

Edited by Li Ling 

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