Seven Star Mountain Tourist Resort to be completed

Updated : Dec 02, 2021
Surrounded by irregular cliffs of about 500 to 700 meters, Seven Star Mountain is the world’s rare karst isolated peak landform that is 1528.6 meters above sea level. A full-glass observation deck with the bright red steel frame named “1520 Eye of the Sky” is constructed on the mountain, providing people with a bird’s eye view of the canyon and the city.

As a key project in Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie Seven Star Mountain International Tourist Resort jointly developed and constructed by Zhangjiajie Seven Star Fairy Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Zhangjiajie Seven Star Fairy Mountain Sightseeing Train Co., Ltd., and Zhangjiajie Seven Star Fairy Mountain Cableway Co., Ltd.

In early November this year, the People’s Government of Yongding District rescinded three contracts signed with Zhangjiajie Seven Star Fairy Mountain Tourism Development due to its serious breach of contract, which resulted in netizens’ doubts about the project’s progress.

Currently, the tourist infrastructure and supporting facilities of the eastern part of the scenic area, which covers an area of about 266.7 hectares, are almost completed, including the construction of passenger cableway and its upper and lower station houses of an investment of 535 million yuan from Zhangjiajie Seven Star Fairy Mountain Cableway Co., Ltd.

The whole project is composed of the following construction items: the 5000-meter tourist highway, the 5000-meter high-standard walling path, the “1520 Eye of the Sky” glass observation deck, the cliff restaurant, the thrilling tube rail slide, the hot air balloon, the helicopter experience center, starry night wooden houses, and mountain top food street, hot spring and hotels, etc. The “1520 Eye of the Sky” observation deck will be the most brilliant item.

If one stands on the glass observation deck, he will have the feeling of being among the clouds. Overlooking the ranges of mountains, he will find his horizon beyond the sky. The deck exposes people to a thrilling situation and the splendid landscape which is beyond description.

Standing across the Tianmen Mountain, Seven Star Mountain has a highest elevation of 1528.6 meters, which is still 10 meters higher than the world-famous Tianmen Mountain.

The top of it is a dumbbell-shaped giant hill platform with an average elevation of 1,400 meters. The area of the platform is about 32 square kilometers, which is about 9 times bigger than that of Tianmen Mountain.

It includes 7 peaks which are distributed like the Big Dipper, which its name “Seven Star Mountain” comes from.

Featuring the fantastic scenery of the beautiful “city in the sky” and the unique atmosphere of “chasing the moon and stars”, the super-large ecological tourism complex integrates sightseeing, experience, leisure, vacation, health care, competition, science popularization, and exploration, etc. It is expected to receive 10 million tourists annually.

After the thrilling experience of appreciating the sea of clouds at the top of the mountain, you can taste the food in a cliff restaurant. It is so exciting to just imagine it, isn’t it? Seven Star Mountain will be soon completed and let’s expect to embrace it!

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports