Zhangjiajie promotes rural revitalization through talent plan

By Li Liandi | Updated : Dec 03, 2021
In recent years, Zhangjiajie focused on attracting and retaining rural grass-roots talents, took the lead in implementing the talent multiplication project to increase the number of rural industrial talents and introduce advantageous resources to grass-roots level, explored a practical path to promote rural revitalization with talent revitalization, attracted various talents to participate in rural revitalization and help rural economic development.

This project creates a talent development mechanism, with 10 experts hired respectively by the city, counties and districts to guide the talent work, 100 grass-roots staff selected as service specialists to introduce about 1,000 rural industrial talents to return home for investment and development, who in turn cultivate about 10,000 new professional farmers.    
Now, 395 people have returned to develop 199 industrial projects involving manufacturing, processing and catering through innovation and entrepreneurship services, which increased revenue of over 58 million yuan from venture projects. Through absorbing local farmers to work, 2,578 new professional farmers have been cultivated, driving local villagers to increase their income by more than 48 million yuan.

What’s more, to retain industrial talents, a series of supporting policies such as personnel selection, management and incentives are given priority to grass roots. For example, 80 outstanding talents with “gold cards” for innovation and entrepreneurship were issued; 24 rural individual businesses and small enterprises have been upgraded; the reduction and exemption of taxes and fees for the development of village’s collective economy were encouraged. 

Edited by Li Ling 

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