Hunan’s first integrated charging station put into use in Zhangjiajie

By Li Liandi | Updated : Dec 07, 2021
With the rise of new energy vehicles in recent years, diversified vehicle energy supplement stations have become popular all over the country, and in Hunan as well.

On November 25, the first integrated charging station in Hunan Province was put into use in Zhangjiajie. The station can generate electricity through wind and solar power, store energy and then charge electric vehicles. It can meet the rapid charging demands of 14 new energy vehicles at the same time, serving as an example in the construction of charging infrastructure.

The station was jointly built by the State Grid Hunan Power Supply Company and Nio NextEV Limited. It adopts the most advanced flexible intelligent charging technology and NextEV second-generation power exchange technology. The maximum single pile charging power is 180 KW, which can quickly charge the electric vehicle from zero to 80% within 30 minutes.

“Now, we have built 24 charging stations and 136 DC charging piles in Zhangjiajie, covering the whole city and 5A scenic spots.” The head of the State Grid Zhangjiajie Power Supply Company said that they would strengthen efforts to build charging infrastructure and provide high-quality charging services for electric vehicle owners. 

Edited by Li Ling 

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