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Guo Bin Hotel

Updated : Jul 03, 2019

Bordering the Charming Xiangxi Show Base, the Guo Bin Hotel is a resort hotel that integrates exhibitions and tourism.

Guo Bin Hotel Co.,Ltd. is under the management of Shandong Luneng Co., Ltd, which combines accommodation, catering, exhibition, vacation and entertainment. The hotel covers an area of 31,000 square meters, encompassing more than 300 guestrooms of various types characterized by Southeast Asian styles.

To bring you the most pleasant experience, every room in the hotel is equipped with a balcony, where you can enjoy the surrounding scenery. It is worth mentioning that the hotel has a unique set of love-themed rooms, so that you can have amazing experiences.

Room Types: single room, standard room, family room, executive room

Tel: 0744-8881888

Address: No.190,Wulingyuan Avenue, Wuling District, Zhangjiajie

Number of Rooms: 307

Facilities: gym, KTV, outdoor swimming pool, foot bath room, tea room, chess and card room, etc

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