Zhangjiajie to see rain and snow

By Wang Xinhan | Updated : Jan 13, 2022
The Zhangjiajie Meteorological Observatory predicts that the weather in Zhangjiajie in the coming week will be cloudy, rainy and snowy, with temperature slightly lower.

From January 13th to 14th, influenced by warm moist air and cold air on the ground, there will be a measurable amount of snow and a drop in temperature.

The specific forecasts are as follows:

January 12th: sunny to cloudy, local fog in the morning, 2-9℃, northeasterly light breeze; 

January 13th: cloudy to overcast with scattered light rain, sleet in mountainous areas, 3-7℃, northeasterly light breeze;

January 14th: moderate to heavy snow, local heavy snowfall to blizzard, 0-4℃, northeasterly light to gentle breeze.

January 15th to 16th: overcast to moderate rain, 2-5℃, northeasterly light breeze.

Here are some suggestions in snowy weather.

1. Take precautions against the adverse effects of rain, snow and fog on road traffic, tourism and agriculture.

2. Keep warm and ensure the safety of fire, electricity and gas during the days with freezing rain and inadequate sunshine.

3. On January 14th, there will be a widespread snowfall in Zhangjiajie. Tianmen Mountain, Wulingyuan and other core scenic spots will witness unusual snow scenery.

Beware of slippery roads when going out to appreciate snow.

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports