Qixing Mountain Resort will open

By Li Meng | Updated : Jan 14, 2022
Recently, good news came from Zhangjiajie that Qixing Mountain Resort, known as the "city in the sky", will be put into trial operation on January 22.

Nestled in Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City, Qixing Mountain with the height of 1,528 meters is adjacent to Tianmen Mountain on the east, Xiongbiyan Scenic Spot on the west, Yongshun County on the south and Chongshan Mountain on the north.

There is a huge hilly platform with 7 high peaks on the top of the mountain, which are distributed as the Big Dipper, so it is named Qixing (which means seven stars) Mountain.

The resort, with a total planning area of 26.9 square kilometers, has multiple functions such as sightseeing, leisure, vacation, health care, sports competition, science popularization and exploration.

The resort is divided into two major areas: Moonlight Recreation Area in the east and Starry Resort Area in the west. Up to now, many resort facilities, such as cableway, Tianjie resort town, Qixing Moon Lake, homestay, sightseeing trails, tourist service center, glass viewing platform, cliff sightseeing road, hot air balloon experience center, and low altitude flight club, have been built in the east of the resort, with a total investment of 650 million yuan.

In addition, it will complete the construction of a series of highlight tourism products such as pet paradise, happy mountain valley, ski resort, hotel and cliff hot spring resort this year.

Edited by Li Ling 

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