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Red Army Command Headquarters Longyanyu

By Wang Xinhan | Updated : Jan 29, 2022
Located in Liujiaping, Sangzhi County and 14 km away from the county, Longyanyu, the former site of the command headquarters of the second and sixth Red Army Corps, consists of 15 wooden houses with three courtyards inside, a lotus pond in the front and green pines and luxuriant bamboos in the backyard.

In early November of 1935, it was the station for the provincial party committee, the provincial revolutionary committee, the branch of the Central Military Commission, the provincial military command, and the general headquarters of the second and sixth Red Army Corps, and other leading organs.

On the right side of the houses are two stilted buildings with carved wooden beds, mahogany tables and chairs, filing cabinets, lanterns and other original things, which were the bedrooms and offices of the Political Commissar Ren Bishi and Commander-in-chief He Long.

On November 4, 1935, the provincial party committee and the leaders of the second and sixth Red Army Corps held a meeting in the central room of the left courtyard and decided to carry out a strategic shift and proceed northward on the Long March.

A stone platform 30 meters on the left of the house is the former site of the command post.

A residential house 70 meters away is the former site of the Legion Political Department.

Zhongshanfu Compound, 1.5 kilometers south of Longyanyu, is the former site of the Legion Supply Department.

In 1979, three main houses and a stilted building in the right courtyard were designated as “Liujiaping Showroom”, which is a provincial-level key cultural relic protection unit.

Edited by Li Ling 

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