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Samantha Resort & Spa

Updated : Dec 03, 2019

Located in the giant salamander nature reserve in Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Area,  Samantha Resort & Spa has Baofeng Lake to the south, Suoxi Valley to the north, Huanglong Cave to the east and Zhangjiajie urban area to the west.

The hotel provides you with cozy rooms, a top-class SPA club, a high-end restaurant, a full-time restaurant and a Chinese restaurant featuring salamander cuisines, Tujia cuisines and Cantonese cuisines.
What’s special about this hotel is the giant salamander. The hotel also offers courses such as Tai chi, yoga, tennis and other courses for guests to exercise. In addition, if you have interest, fishing, chess, bicycle is also a good choice.

Room Types: single room, double room, luxury room.

Tel: 0744-5622188

Address: No. 8, Baofeng Road, Wulingyuan Dsistrict, Zhangjiajie city

Number of Rooms: 115

Facilities: meeting rooms, Chinese restaurant and Western restaurant, SPA club, gym, chess and card room, massage room, etc.

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