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Hunan’s airports handle 289,000 passenger trips during Spring Festival holiday

By Li Liandi | Updated : Feb 11, 2022
During the Spring Festival holiday, airports in Hunan province delivered 288,797 passengers and operated 3,050 flights, an increase of 52.5% and 35.1% year-on-year respectively.

Changsha’s airports handled 228,496 passengers and ran 2,244 flights, up 56.5% and 47.6% over the same period last year respectively. The number of flights run at feeder airports in Hunan province increased by 6.8%, and the passenger throughput grew 32.6%.

Although the number of passenger trips during the Spring Festival holiday this year has not recovered to the level before the epidemic, it has increased significantly compared with 2021 and maintained median growth.

In light of the relatively large passenger flow before the holiday, and no centralized return trips after the holiday, Hunan Airport Group actively coordinated airlines to maintain the number of flights to key cities. The major destinations for the passengers in Changsha Airport were Chongqing, Chengdu, Sanya and other first-tier provincial capitals and popular tourist destinations.

More flights to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities at other feeder airports were added.

In view of such special situations as increased flights and rain and snow weather, the group has carried out safety precautions in all aspects to ensure sufficient material reserves and good working conditions of facilities.

It has formulated and improved the ice and snow removal plan of Changsha airport, carried out several emergency drills and done a good job in creating a safe and happy travel for passengers.

At the same time, measures such as strictly controlling overcrowding, increasing channels and optimizing processes have been taken to reduce crowd gathering; epidemic prevention and control measures like checking health QR codes, travel codes and wearing masks have also been implemented.

Edited by Li Ling 

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