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Tujia Steamed Dish with Edible Fungus

By Sun Xiaoqi | Updated : Mar 02, 2022
The Tujia Steamed Dish with Edible Fungus is the best dish for Tujia people to treat distinguished guests. Originated from the wedding banquet, it contains a chicken, a pig elbow, cuttlefish, mushrooms, eggs, edible fungus and gingers, which will be steamed together for four to five hours before the delicious soup with tender meat and rich ingredients is made.

It is said the dish was invented by a chieftain. Since soldiers were unable to eat regularly during the wartime, many dishes were steamed together to make sure they could eat a hot meal. Later, the chieftain would entertain guests with such delicacies made in this way. Later, the recipe was spread among civilians as a banquet dish.

In the past, this dish was considered a must-have for Tujia people at festivals, weddings and all kinds of parties, because of its rich ingredients, tasty soup and good implication.   

Edited by Li Ling 

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