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Zhuanjiacun Hotel

Updated : May 22, 2019


Facing to the picturesque Baizhang Valley and Baofeng Lake, Zhangjiajie Zhuanjiacun Hotel is located in the center of Wulingyuan Scenic Spot and boasts the advantageous geographical position with about 3 minutes' walk to Wulingyuan ticket box, adjoining the Honglong Cave to the east and the magnificent West Sea Fairyland to the west.

Zhuanjiacun Hotel is a reception-oriented public institution of the Hunan provincial government in Zhangjiajie with a total area of 48,000 square meters. It is full of modern civilization and ancient Xiangxi ethnic culture with the magnificent architecture and the exquisite internal structure. The well-built and unique guestrooms and suites, warm and comfortable services and sound equipment will meet all your needs. 

Room Types:  Single Room,  Standard Double Room,  Deluxe Single Room 
Tel: 0744-5618388
Location: Wuling Road, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, China
Number of Rooms: 288
Facilities: Conference rooms, Chess rooms, Lavipeditum 
Feature:  time-honored brand
2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports