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Outdoor adventure at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Updated : Jul 06, 2022
The 430-meter glass bridge spans the canyon, with the deck length of 375 meters and the breadth of 6 meters. And its height is about 300 meters from the bottom of the canyon.

As the first cable-stayed high mountain canyon glass bridge in the world, it is also the longest and tallest glass bridge. On June 12th, 2018, the bridge won the Arthur G. Hayden Medal, becoming the first bridge in Hunan Province that has won an international prize.

The 260-meter bungee jumping is the highest vertical commercial bungee jumping. The bungee site is set in the middle of the glass bridge. The challengers can get a certificate of courage after experiencing the jumping.

The zip-line here stretches 358 meters, with a vertical height of 302 meters, which allows six people to play at the same time. It will make players feel as if they were a hawk flying in the sky.

The 500-meter glass slideway is interesting and suitable for both old and young people.

The column of the grand canyon is a rock-climbing site transformed from the facades of the existing structures. It can be a good place for tourists to overlook the whole canyon.

The recommended routes to travel at the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon 

Route B: Tourist Center-the glass bridge-the east bridge experience center-the glass walkway-(Aixiangfei Virtual Reality, zip-line, slideway) or (Aixiangfei Virtual Reality, sightseeing elevator, treasure-seeking elevator, sculpture elevator, Wuwangpo slideway)-Rainbow Square-Momo Cave-boat-rowing on Shenquan Lake-the exit

Route B1: Tourist Center-slideway-the boat-rowing on Rainbow Lake-Rainbow Square- sculpture elevator-treasure-seeking elevator-(sightseeing elevator, Aixiangfei Virtual Reality, the glass walkway)-the east bridge experience center-the glass bridge-the exit.

Route A: Tourist Center-the slideway-Rainbow Square-the boat-rowing on Rainbow Lake-the exit.

Edited by Li Ling 

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