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Shijiazhuang-Zhangjiajie flight route opened

By Zhou Xiaohu | Updated : Jul 11, 2022
Around 9 pm on July 4, the flight 9C6403 landed at Zhangjiajie Airport, marking the official opening of Spring Airlines' Shijiazhuang-Zhangjiajie flight route.

The Zhangjiajie-Shijiazhuang route is Spring Airlines' third chartered tourism route, following Zhangjiajie-Shanghai and Zhangjiajie-Yangtai flight routes. All three routes are operated by Airbus A320 aircraft, with a total of about 14 flights per week, providing an air bridge between Zhangjiajie and Shijiazhuang, Yangtai and Shanghai. With the domestic epidemic under control, passenger demand for travel is gradually booming.

For this reason, Zhangjiajie Airport has arranged more popular destinations in advance, actively guiding various airlines to resume flights and increase their transportation capacity.

Flights have been resumed from Zhangjiajie to key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai Pudong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Wenzhou and Haikou.

Flights from Zhangjiajie to source cities such as Ordos, Lanzhou, Luoyang, Yinchuan, Linyi and Chenzhou are planned to be resumed during the summer.

Edited by Li Ling 

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