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Recommended top-rated tourist attractions in Zhangjiajie

By Li Liandi | Updated : Jul 20, 2022
It is better to see it once than hear it a hundred times. With abundant tourist resources, Zhangjiajie is an enchanting place with many top-rated tourist attractions.

The worlds most beautiful peak wall

Acclaimed as “the third wall” in the world, Yangjiajie peak wall has been formed for about 380 million years, which is unparalleled in the world.

Yangjiajie peak wall is an important part of Zhangjiajie Landform. Its stone pillars were formed earlier than those in Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie and Huangshi Village scenic spots, with high scientific, ecological and aesthetic values.

The worlds longest passenger ropeway

Tianmen Mountain Ropeway has a total length of7,454 meters and a height difference of 1,277 meters between the upper and lower stations. It is one of the few ropeways with a height difference of more than 1,000 meters in China.

The worlds first plank road

The Glass Plank Road of Tianmen Mountain is a visiting platform protruding from the cliff after Guigu Plank Road suspending on the cliff.

It can be comparable to the world-famous glass corridor of the American Grand Canyon for the excitement it may bring to visitors. Thus, it got the name “Road in the Sky”.

The worlds first elevator

Bailong Elevator has a vertical height difference of 335 meters. At present, it’s included in the Guinness World Record with three honors of “the highest outdoor elevator, the highest double-deck sightseeing elevator and the sightseeing elevator with the largest load capacity and the fastest speed”.

The worlds greatest road

The Tongtian Avenue of Tianmen Mountain, also known as the world’s first road wonder, has a total of 99 bends. The sharp bends change from one to the other like a jade belt.  

The Classic Lake of the World

Baofeng Lake is a lake-type natural scenic spot combining natural scenery and folk customs in Zhangjiajie. It’s known as the Classic Lake of the World, especially famous for the picturesque scenery of canyon lake, exciting Baofeng Waterfall and mysterious Baofeng Temple.

The worlds highest Tujia stilted building

The No. 18 stilted building in 72 Tujia Stilted Buildings Town is the pinnacle of Chinese Tujia Architectural Art. Seen from a distance, it looks like a Tujia mountain village floating in the midair.

In 2019, it has successfully applied for the Guinness World Record as the world’s highest stilted building.

The worlds most beautiful field

The Countryside In the Air is located in the Old House Scenic Area of Tianzi Mountain in Zhangjiajie, with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. The terraced paddy fields with the deep valley below are shrouded by clouds, just like a magnificent landscape painting.

The worlds first real-scene landscape drama

Tianmen Fox Fairy Show is the world’s first real-scene musical drama set in the background of high mountains and deep valleys.

The World No.1 Bridge

The World No.1 Bridge is a 5-meter-thick natural stone bridge connecting two peaks on the top of them.

The worlds first bridge

The Glass Bridge of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area is 430 meters long and 6 meters wide. 99 pieces of three-layer tempered glass are laid on the bridge deck, with a thickness of only 0.6 meters.

It is the world’s tallest and longest glass bridge, and the first bridge made of new composite materials.

The worlds karst cave wonder

Huanglong Cave has various cave landscapes, which is hailed as the “all-round champion” of the world’s karst caves for its scale, content, beautiful scenery.

Cave Queen

Jiutian Cave ( “Jiu Tian” literally means Nine Heavens in Chinese mythology) is so named after its nine natural skylights, which are connected with the top, the holes and the ground.

A stone pillar with a height of about 12 meters and a lower circumference of 21.5 meters is recognized as the “world’s largest single karst cave pillar” by the WRCA. It’s also praised as the “Cave Queen”.

 Maoyan River

Maoyan River, located in the west of Yongding District, is the most beautiful section of the upper reaches of Lishui River, known as the “Hundred-mile Gallery”. On both sides of the river, there are strange mountains, beautiful waters and ancient villages.

Qixing Mountain, city in the sky

Qixing Mountain, located in Tianmenshan Town, Yongding District, enjoys a reputation of “the city in the sky”, with an altitude of 1,528 meters. It was once known as “the most difficult mountain to climb in Hunan province” among tourists.

It has many inviting tourist spots, including Jiulong Ridge, 1520 glass observation deck, Footprint Mountain and Qixing Grand Canyon.

The top of the mountain is a karst peak landform, and 87% of the mountain is covered with forests, which is a natural oxygen bar. 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports