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Travel tips for Tujia carnival

By Cao Wenjie | Updated : Jul 20, 2022
The opening ceremony of the 2022 cultural activity series and the Tujia folk culture festival were held in Tujia Luoshui Township, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City at 9:00 a.m. on July 4.

This folk culture festival consists of six parts, including “rural summer, local witchcraft, pleasant weather, Tujia cuisine, rural live commerce, and intangible cultural heritage exhibition”, which integrate such folk customs as mysterious worship towards Laosi, folk art, unique skills, folk songs and dances, water splashing, and Tujia banquet, as well as the ancient beauty of Tujia village and the passion of Tujia people in the hot midsummer.

Interaction with citizens and tourists will allow them to feel the unique local customs and enjoy the ancient intangible heritage of Tujia group.

It can show the primitive, wild, and passionate regional culture in the beautiful countryside, as well as the wonderful spectacle of rural revitalization, culture and tourism integration, ethnic unity, and industrial development.

How to enjoy this Tujia cultural carnival?

Part I Rural summer (9:00—9:58 a.m.)

When you enter Tujia’s first door, you can see Tujia girls singing songs to welcome the guests and present the first cup of tea (sweet) to the guests. You can taste Tujia’s special snacks and enjoy local specialties and craftsmanship.

When you enter Tujia’s second door, you can see Tujia boys and girls singing tea songs and present the second cup of tea (unity) for guests. You can enjoy such folk cultural performances as three-stick drums, lanterns, and thrilling skills.

When you enter the third door, you can see that “five golden flowers” who are dressed in national costumes, namely Tujia, Bai, Miao, Dong, and Yao, present the third cup of tea (harmony) for guests. You can enjoy folk paintings, cultural and creative intangible cultural heritage, and live streaming for sales.

Part II local witchcraft (9:58—11:30 a.m.)

1. Blessing ceremony of Laosi

2. Tujia worship for grains  

3. Traditional Tujia bronze bell dance 

4. Farming scene performance  

5. Liuzi performance (Liuzi is a typical Tujia instrument)

6. Duet folk song

7. Traditional Maogusi “Hunting”

8. Hand-waving dance party

Part III Pleasant weather (11:30—11:50 a.m.)

There will be a water splashing carnival, which is a custom of Tujia people.

Part IV Tujia cuisine (11:50—12:40 a.m.)
You can attend the banquet and enjoy Tujia’s “ten bowls”.

Part V Rural live commerce (12:40—14:00 p.m.)

Part VI Intangible cultural heritage exhibition (16:00—18:00 p.m.)


Zhangjiajie Yang Opera, the national intangible cultural heritage, will be performed by the Yang Opera Inheritance Institute of Yongding District.


Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports