Tourist thanks finder of her mobile phone

By Shen Yuanjie | Updated : Aug 12, 2022
Recently, the Management Committee of Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area received a pennant, a gift from a tourist in Guangdong Province who expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the high-quality, efficient and heart-warming service of the scenic area.

On August 3, when Ms Lin reached Qingyan Observation Deck of Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area, she was intoxicated by the breathtaking scenery of Xihai Peak Forest.

Unfortunately, when she took photos to record the view, her phone slipped off hands accidentally to the bottom of the precipitous cliff hundreds of meters deep, and then Ms Lin left in a hurry desperately without asking for help.

Thirty minutes after the incident, the staff from Tianzi Scenic Area Management Committee heard about this news when they went on patrol in the Bronze Square of the He Long Park.

With safety precautions, they came to the bottom of the cliff and searched several hours before finding the lost phone in the grass. The staff contacted the hotel she stayed and returned the phone to its owner. Ms Lin was touched by the heart-warming service of the scenic area and promised she would send a pennant to show gratitude.

In the office of the management committee, the walls are covered by pennants and thank-you notes. Qin Haojun, director of the Tianzi Scenic Area Management Committee, has led staff to serve tourists whole-heartedly since the start of the peak tourism season.

The warm service makes tourists find the scenery more beautiful and feel more satisfied. 

Edited by Li Ling 

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