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High-altitude homestay inn in Qixing Mountain

Updated : Sep 06, 2022
Tourists living in Zhangjiajie Qixing Mountain Tourist Resort can enjoy the sunrise and sunset after opening the window.

When you arrive at the Tianjie Town of the Qixing Mountain by ropeway, the first thing that catches your eyes is rows of single-family houses built at the foot of the mountain. Eye-catching triangular roofs, wood-colored buildings and green mountains and trees form a delightful contrast.

Walking into the homestay inn, you will find that the hillside has been built into an elegant garden with natural rocks, hydrangea flowers and slate trails.

Every single cabin is a cozy room.

In addition to complete modern equipment, the most surprising thing is that you can open the canopy and lie on the bed to watch the stars. If you want to get closer to the stars, you can also go up to a small attic with a tatami bed in it and open the window. It feels like sleeping on the roof.

Rows of cabins face east, and the first rays of the sun wake you up in the morning. In summer, the sun usually rises at 5 o’clock in the Qixing Mountain. If you open the curtains, you can watch the sunrise in your room.

At present, there are 25 single cabins in the scenic area, which, together with the Express Qixing Hotel, can provide a total of 88 rooms for tourists.

There is also some other fun in the Qixing Mountain in winter. Last winter, the Qixing Mountain, which was not yet opened to the public, attracted wide attention on social platforms. The swirling snowflakes made the mountain a world of ice and snow, and the hillside became a natural ski resort. 

Many locals were the first to enjoy the fun of skiing on the Qixing Mountain. A ski resort is now under construction and is expected to open to tourists this winter. The homestay inn is also equipped with underfloor heating, so you don’t have to worry about being too cold in the mountains in winter.

In the future, on the Footprint Mountain facing the west of the Eye in the Sky, Qingxing Hotel will be built on the cliffs in the scenic area, and a hot spring hotel is also being planned.

Edited by Li Ling 

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