Hunan to upgrade 'One-step Approval Process'

Updated : Sep 16, 2022
The CPC Hunan Provincial Committee for Deepening Overall Reform held its 18th meeting on September 14. The meeting reviewed and adopted an action plan to deepen "One-stop Government Services" and upgrade "One-step Approval Process" service in Hunan Province.

The plan lays out reform measures from the aspects of upgrading technological support, expanding service scope, and improving service quality and efficiency.

It aimed to constantly optimize the business environment, fully implement the positioning, missions, and tasks of the "Three Hubs and Four New Missions" Strategy, and contribute to constructing a new modern socialist Hunan at an accelerated pace.
Upgrading and Improving "One-stop Government Services"
The plan calls for efforts to enhance system integration, data sharing, e-license application, and development of digital scenario application, to enable more government service items to be handled via online and mobile channels, and satisfy diversified demands of enterprises and the public.
According to the plan, the "Internet + government service" integrated platform of Hunan Province will be upgraded into a provincial "One-stop Government Services" platform.

In the future, intelligent technologies for search, distribution, approval, and promotion will be adopted on the upgraded platform, to fully support various items of "One-stop Government Services".

A unified online and offline service system will be developed to solve the problems caused by different systems and channels, and repeated registration.
Besides, a "Xiang Yi Ban (easy to handle)" super government service APP will be constructed as the mobile end of the "One-stop Government Services" platform, based on the government service integration platform, the "One-step Approval Process" mini program, and the "Xin Xiang Shi Cheng (wishes come true)" APP.
To facilitate province-wide government service data sharing, a big data hub, a platform of full life circle management of government service data, and an overall channel for standard data services will be developed. They will support multi-level, trans-regional, cross-system, inter-department, and multi-business "One-stop Government Services" data sharing across the province.
Optimizing and Expanding "One-step Approval Process" Service 
Since March 2019, Hunan has released 300 items which can be handled through the "One-step Approval Process". On this basis, the plan puts forward 26 themed application scenario packages for the full life circles of individuals, enterprises, and projects, to facilitate integrated access to more inter-department and multi-level government services.
For individuals, 11 scenarios will be available, including births; school enrollment; certificate application; employment; real estate registration; marriage; social insurance; medical service, special groups service; retirement; and, death.
For enterprises, 8 scenarios will be provided, including start-up; adjustments; employment; employee insurance; tax payment; police implementation; financing; and, withdrawal.
For projects, 7 scenarios will be applicable, including tendering and bidding; land use approval; joint approval of construction drawings; construction permits; joint acceptance inspection; joint installation of water, electricity, and gas; and, acceptance inspection of profitable projects.  
Intensifying and Upgrading "One-step Approval Process" Service
The plan calls for delegating power to lower-level authorities in a targeted manner, optimizing approval processes and rules, and strengthening supervision and promotion.
It also clarifies right and responsibilities, power delegating, process optimization, coordination, and online application related to the 300 released items in the 26 themed scenarios.
Online and offline channels for handling the items should be provided according to the standardizing detailed lists of government service items. Additional and conditional process or application materials should not be required.
Network technology-based supervision will be carried out. Comments, positive or negative, to the government services will be welcomed to boost the "One-step Approval Process" items to be handled timely, efficiently, and with high quality.

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