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Tianmen Mountain tour lines adjusted

By Zou Yuwen | Updated : Sep 21, 2022
The tour road in Tianmen Cave is being reinforced, not available for tourists.

Since September 20, 2022, the sales of tickets for the round-trip ropeway tour B&C lines and the single-way ropeway 1&2 lines in Tianmen Mountain Scenic Spot has been closed. Only the round-trip ropeway tour ticket for Line A is available, and the transportation items included in the ticket for Line A are temporarily adjusted as follows: From the lower station of Tianmen Mountain ropeway to the summit- from the summit down to the middle station of the ropeway - take a shuttle bus to the lower station of the Tianmen Cave express trail - take the Tianmen Cave express trail up to the Tianmen Cave - take the express trail from the upper station of the Tianmen Cave express trail.

During this period, the area inside Tianmen Cave will remain closed and no entry shall be allowed. The escalator through the mountain also stops running. The escalator to the Deng tianmen and to the Shangtianti are open normally, but they can only reach the entrance of the cave.

Edited by Li Ling 

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