Shiyanping Village goes viral

By Li Liandi | Updated : Sep 21, 2022
A TV program featuring villages hidden in the mountains was broadcast on CCTV1 on August 27, making Shiyanping Village in Zhangjiajie a hit.

In the first episode of the program, the ancient and profound Tujia culture and natural lifestyle in Shiyanping Village won much praise and popularity from viewers. 

The hot topics related to the program such as “an old man stopped his family from rebuilding the stilted house to a villa” and “a 82-year-old man protects the 600-year-old village” have been read over 350 million times.

After the program was broadcast, many tourists came here to enjoy the food, beautiful scenery, characteristic buildings and folk activities of this small village.

“Now, the number of tourists are dozens of times more than before, and we cook more than 50 tables of food every day. So I called my daughter to help.” Quan Xiping, the owner of Louwu Inn in the core scenic area of Shiyanping, has never expected  that his inn became an Internet-famous attraction.

“My business has also improved. Many tourists choose self-driving tours on weekends here. They eat and stay here, enjoying the pastoral life very much.” Not far from the Louwu Inn, there is a new inn characterized with stilted buildings. Guests in the program once lived here, which made the inn popular.

The number of tourists in the village increased dramatically after the program, so did the economic income. A village cleaner said that all villagers are making efforts to develop the village well.

Li Ying, the village secretary, was very pleased to see so many visitors praising the traditional architecture, farming culture and folk customs of the village. She said that the village will continue to inherit and protect Tujia culture and achieve both economic benefits and cultural inheritance. 

Edited by Li Ling 

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