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Best place to confess love

Updated : Oct 11, 2022
In Zhangjiajie, there is a mountain that is a “hidden place in the sky”. It is a must-see new attraction in Zhangjiajie, which is Qixing Mountain.

Qixing Mountain is 1,528 meters above sea level, 10 meters higher than Tianmen Mountain. 

Visitors standing on the top of Qixing Mountain can see the top of Tianmen Mountain. There is no road but only a ropeway to the mountain top. The construction of the Qixing Mountain began in 2018. All the construction materials were transported by a freight ropeway, and finally, Qixing Mountain uncovered its mysterious veil so that people can climb to the top and hold other mountains in a single glance.

The high altitude contributes to the pleasant climate of Qixing Mountain. As you take the ropeway from the foot to the top of the mountain, the temperature gradually drops and the breeze blows gently. The average annual temperature at the summit is about 9°C, which makes the mountain an ideal place to avoid the heat of summer.

The “Eye of the Sky” observation platform has an altitude of 1520 meters and the Jimazhuang, which literally means “a pole a horse can be hitched to”, is 1314 meters. The two numbers together mean “I love you for a lifetime” literally in Chinese.

Staying in a cabin, tourists can draw the curtains and let the first rays of sunrise shine in or open the canopy and let the bright stars come into view.

You can also take a helicopter or a hot air balloon to 1,000 meters and then glide down from an excited tube track to feel the height and air of the Qixing Mountain.

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports