Qixing Mountain stuns visitors

Updated : Nov 23, 2022
On the evening of November 19, the first Hunan Tourism Development Conference was kicked off. As the branch venue of the conference, Zhangjiajie Qixing Mountain Tourist Resort has made a stunning appearance in a special way.

In the “The Flight of Love-1520” program on the opening ceremony of the first Hunan Tourism Development Conference, 20 couples from all over the country confessed their love on the 1520 Eye viewing platform of the Qixing Mountain in front of the cameras, shouting: “Baby, I love you!” and “I love you, Qixing Mountain!”.

The 1520 Eye viewing platform is an ideal confession place at Qixing Mountain, as “1520” means “Let me love you”.

On January 22, the Qixing Mountain Ropeway began trial operation, and the Qixing Mountain became another tourism card for Zhangjiajie.

Although newly opened, Qixing Mountain has already been famous among the outdoor sports enthusiasts, who call it “the most difficult mountain to climb in Hunan” because of its steepness. It is about 13 kilometers away from the urban area, bordering Tianmen Mountain in the east, Xiongbi Rock in the west, Yongshun in the south and Chongshan Mountain in the north. The highest peak is 1,528 meters above sea level, which is hailed as “ the city in the sky”. 

At present, there are various tourism forms, such as natural landscape, homestay hotels, leisure and entertainment, in Qixing Mountain, where tourists can visit the confession place “1520 Eye”, experience the thrilling tube rail slide, taste gourmet food and live at homestay inns, ski and bathe in a hot spring.

Qixing Mountain is a large eco-tourism complex with a number of attractions, which will meet tourists’ needs for a natural sightseeing trip as well as a relaxing holiday experience.

Taking advantage of the first Hunan Tourism Development Conference, Qixing Mountain has seized the opportunity to increase the construction and renovation of various leisure projects. The Cliff Hot Spring Resort hotel is being built; the Pet Park and the Alpine Happy Valley will be launched soon; the hot air balloon experience centre, the low altitude flying club, the alpine ski resort and a series of world highlighted tourism products are in operation.

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports