Cili County has two new 4A scenic areas

By Ding Yonghong | Updated : Nov 24, 2022
The two newly promoted 4A scenic areas--Zhangjiajie Cliff Seam Scenic Area and Zhangjiajie Ice & Snow World were officially awarded after the quality rating recently.

This activity is not only a concrete action to inherit and carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional martial arts culture and promote the high-quality development of the county’s tourism industry, but also an effective tool to promote the county’s cultural and tourism resources in an all-round way.

Moreover, it is a key initiative to polish Cili’s cultural and tourism brands, and promote the quality and upgrading of the tourism industry. It will comprehensively bring together new potential drivers for high-quality economic and social development in Cili.

Both located in Cili County, Zhangjiajie Cliff Seam Scenic Area and Zhangjiajie Ice & Snow World are the representatives of the emerging scenic areas on the east tourism route of Zhangjiajie.

Seated at Jinlong Village, Lingxi Town, Cili County, Zhangjiajie Cliff Seam is one of the most bizarre types of “seam landscapes” in China’s karst landscape.

It is an inverted “V” shape with an average depth of nearly 200 meters and only 3 meters at the narrowest point at the top. The “valley bottom” within the seam boasts clear water and cascading waterfalls. With the seam as the “main line”, it is a natural scenic area with enchanting scenery. 

With a constant temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, the scenic area has become a good place for leisure and cooling in recent years.

As the largest indoor ski resort in Central China, Zhangjiajie Ice & Snow World is a new tourism and sports project. It can accommodate 1,000 people for snow entertainment activities like skiing and skating at the same time, greatly enriching the cultural and tourism consumption in Zhangjiajie.

In recent years, Cili County aims to develop itself into a well-known tourist attraction at home and abroad as well as a world-class tourist destination. It has come up with the tourism development idea of “relying on core scenic areas, highlighting selenium-rich hot springs, enriching tourism products and developing a health base”. It has gradually formed well-known tourism brands with “canyons”, “hot springs” and “immortal mountains” as the core and all-region tourism development pattern of “one belt, two areas and many spots”.

At present, there are six 4A scenic areas, two 3A scenic areas, six provincial tourism villages, 7 provincial five-star rural tourism spots and two national rural tourism key villages in the county.

Du Xinwu Ziranmen Martial Arts Association and Du Xinwu Ziranmen Martial Arts Cultural Research Association were also awarded at the site. The activity introduced the protection and development situation of Du Xinwu martial arts culture. Ziranmen martial arts performance was also given on the spot.

In 2021, Du Xinwu Ziranmen Martial Arts Culture Exhibition Hall was opened in Cili County, which showcases the magnificent life of Du Xinwu. And there is the Cili selenium-enriched agricultural and sideline products promotion center, which helps promote Chinese medicinal materials and selenium-enriched agricultural and sideline products of Cili.  

Edited by Li Ling 

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