Sangzhi County wins national honour

Updated : Dec 02, 2022

At the recent Annual Meeting of the China Ecological Civilization Forum in Nanchang, Sangzhi County was awarded the sixth batch of “Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Area” by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, which is the highest honor in ecological civilization construction.


Sangzhi County is located in the northwest of Hunan Province, in the north of Zhangjiajie City, at the north foot of the Wuling Mountains and the south of the Western Hubei Hilly Area. It is the north gate of Hunan Province to the northwest of China and a national key ecological functional area.

It has the Badagong Mountain Natural Reserve, one of the first national nature reserves in China, and has been included in China’s “Man and Biosphere Reserve” and 17 critical regions of biodiversity with global significance.

In recent years, Sangzhi County has actively promoted industrial ecology and ecological industrialization, gathered strong force for green development with “three -color Sangzhi”, and promoted green development goals with “three industries”. Great achievements have been made in the construction of ecological civilization:

Provincial Demonstration County for Ecological Civilization Construction
National key ecological functional area
National key ecological transfer payment counties 
Advanced County in National Key Ecological Function District 
The first batch of national green energy demonstration counties
National Model County for Greening
National Under-forest Economic Demonstration Base County
Demonstration area for ecological civilization construction
Sangzhi County is striving to develop Red tourism on the green land with the red resources of “Former Residence of He Long” and the good ecological environment of key regions with global biodiversity, vigorously promote all-for-one tourism, and actively create a “growth pole” for tourism combining red and green resources.

Sangzhi County is seeking to promote “green” development based on its green ecology, combining unique resources, important ecology and sustainable industries to upgrade from features to brands, products to industries, individual to clusters.
Sangzhi County is paying attention to turn green into “gold”, focusing on intensive processing and quality improvement, accelerating the construction of ecological projects and green parks to stimulate new momentum in “gold” industrial development based on green ecology. 

Sangzhi County has formed a modern ecological industrial system with red tourism as the leader, green agriculture as the foundation and golden industry as the supplement, and established a path of green development and common prosperity with Sangzhi characteristics.

Edited by Li Ling 
2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports