Two projects included in provincial TCM Health tour routes

Updated : Dec 02, 2022
Recently, at the opening ceremony of the first intangible cultural heritage expo in Hunan Province, the event organizers released the 2022 First Batch of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tour Routes in Hunan Province, and two projects in Zhangjiajie City were selected.

There are 6 boutique routes in Hunan Province, covering 53 counties and districts in 13 cities and one prefecture, and connecting 68 traditional Chinese medicine health care experience bases. 

Among them, Zhangjiajie Wanfu Hot Spring and Tianmenjun Vine Tea Theme Park in Baima Mountain are included in one route for heart nourishing with the ecological advantages of Wuling Mountain.

Zhangjiajie Wanfu Hot Spring Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Experience Base is jointly applied by Wanfu Hot Spring Resort, Cili Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Purulent Treatment Center, and Du Xinwu Martial Arts Culture Exhibition Hall.

Wanfu Hot Spring, a national 4A scenic spot, is a natural self-gushing hot spring with the constant temperature of 53 °C, rich in a variety of healthy natural minerals that are beneficial to the human body.

The scenic area consists of several areas for entertainment, health preservation, leisure and primeval sub-forest pools, with the world’s first high-altitude hot spring glass bubble pool, high-altitude glass bridge, sightseeing elevator, wave pool, three-color slide, forest bird's nest bubble pool.

There are 99 primitive sub-forest bathing pools, with a daily reception capacity of up to 6,000 people, which is one of China’s first-class hot springs.

Cili Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was founded in 1956, covering an area of 20.83 mu (about 13,886.67 square meters). It was approved as the first batch of second-class A TCM hospitals in the province and a national model TCM hospital.

The hospital’s asthma treatment technology is unique. It has exchanged experience at the National Conference of Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialized Hospitals, and in 2012, this technology was listed on the protection list of the third batch of intangible cultural heritage in Zhangjiajie City.

In 2015 and 2016, it was successively listed as the intangible cultural heritage of Hunan Province and the unique project of traditional Chinese medicine in Hunan Province.

Du Xinwu Martial Arts Culture Exhibition Hall covers an area of 4,000 square meters. On the second floor is the Du Xinwu Martial Arts and Medical Culture Exhibition Hall. 

On the first floor, there is the visitor reception center, the TCM Medical Center, Chinese herbal medicine exhibition and sales area. It can receive 50 people at the same time. It aims to promote the deep integration of cultural tourism and agricultural tourism and help rural revitalization.

Zhangjiajie Wanfu Hot Spring Scenic Area and Cili Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine combine health care with tourism, and promote wellness tours through traditional Chinese medicine culture to connect with other tourist attractions along the east tourism route in Cili County.

Edited by Li Ling 

2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports