Pork with wine lees popular with customers

Updated : Jan 17, 2023
Since the beginning of the first lunar month, the Qiaoergou Ecological Breeding Professional Cooperative in Shuanglong Village, Sanhe Town, Cili County has been bustling again. Every day, guests from all over the country come here to savor the cave wine and feast on the pork with wine lees, and they also take home the smoked bacon when they leave.

After returning home in 2019, Yang Jin, the head of the Qiaoergou Ecological Breeding Professional Cooperative, began to make wine in a natural cave in the village with sorghum as the raw material and traditional techniques.

The wine lees are used to feed pigs, chickens and cattle to drive breeding industry, and livestock manure is treated and reused to grow crops such as sorghum and corn, which can gradually create an agricultural business model with the organic cycle of planting, processing industry and animal husbandry.

At present, the “Wanxin Cave Winery Farm” established by the cooperative, which raises nearly 500 pigs per year, has slaughtered more than 200 adult pigs in 2022.

According to Yang Jin, wine lees, with a high calorific value, are rich in crude protein and crude fat, and its crude protein content is 54% higher than that of corn.

Besides, due to the massive reproduction and accumulation of microorganisms during the fermentation of the wine lees, the composition and types of amino acids in the protein are more balanced, and the lees are also rich in minerals, of which the content of calcium, iron and other major trace elements is more than 10 times higher than that of wheat and corn.

In addition, the lees after brewing contain a certain amount of alcohol, which is good for pigs to sleep after eating and has a positive effect of promoting pigs to grow and shorten the slaughter rate.

After about 20-30 days of feeding wine lees to the pigs, you will find that their fur is brighter and smoother, their immunity is enhanced, and they are no longer picky about what they eat and their bodies are stronger.

“At present, more than 1,000 catties of smoked bacon have been ordered by customers. During this period, more customers need fresh pork with wine lees and smoked bacon.” Seeing more and more customers placing orders through online platforms like Moments and Douyin, Yang Jin was overflowing with joy.

Edited by Li Ling 

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