Qixing Mountain Ski Resort will open for trial operation

Updated : Jan 17, 2023
The long-awaited Qixing Mountain Ski Resort will open for trial operation on January 18. There is an entertainment area and a ski area, with such entertainment projects as ice sculpture hall, snow circle, zorb ball, snow kart, snow motorcycle, snow tank, snow track helicopter, DIY snow, , as well as the primary, intermediate and snow circle slides. The temperatures can reach 7 degrees Celcius below zero and 18 degrees Celcius below zero respectively.

This is the first outdoor alpine ski resort in Zhangjiajie built and operated by the team of Guo Dandan, China’s first skiing world champion.

You can drive to Zhangjiajie Qixing Mountain, and stop at the Qixing Mountain cableway, take the cableway for about eight minutes to reach the top of the mountain. If the road is not frozen, tourists can take the environmental friendly vehicle line 1 at Bajiaoting to the ski resort, or you can walk 1,500 meters to the destination. 

The ski resort is open from 9:00 to 17:00. 

Tourists can play in the resort for three hours by the admission ticket, and extra fees will be charged for overtime (time is counted from the moment people enter the park in the entertainment area, while in the ski area from the moment people get the leasing ski equipment).

Skiing is a high-risk sport, it is just suitable for tourists over 1.2 meters and under 50 years old, and tourists are reminded to read the ski instructions and precautions carefully.

No pets are allowed to enter the ski resort.

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