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Specialty of Cili county-- Diaozi fish in Longtan River

Updated : Oct 31, 2019

Longtanhe Town of Cili county is famous for Diaozi fish (Ochetobibus elongatus), a kind of fish with a long, cylindrical body. Diaozi fish, which grow in Youngtze River, is a kind of freshwater fish. Despite its shape looking like willow leaves, Diaozi fish has a creamy texture.

Although diaozi fish grows at a slow rate, the biggest Diaozi fish can weigh more than 10 kilograms while the common weighs 0.1 to 1 kilogram. It is a popular cuisine for the households in rural areas because of its tender and tasty meat. It has certain medical effects, beneficial for human spleen, brain and urination. The brain of fish is also highly nutrient. Diaozi fish can be easily cooked, but very delicious.  

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