Zhangjiajie promotes tourism in UAE

By Li Liandi | Updated : Mar 24, 2023
Wang Tao, vice mayor of Zhangjiajie led a team to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to hold cultural tourism promotion meetings from March 21 to 24. They visited the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), established a joint working mechanism with HALA China in the UAE, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in the UAE. In addition, five cultural and tourist enterprises between China and the UAE established cooperative relationship.

This is the first time for Zhangjiajie to launch tourism promotion activities in the UAE, aiming to substantially expand the inbound tourism markets in the Middle East region.

On March 22, Zhangjiajie held a special meeting to promote its culture and tourism in Dubai, and invited such guests as representatives of Mr. Abudulla, supervisor of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai travel agents, media representatives to attend the meeting.

At the meeting, the Zhangjiajie Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Television and Sports, the Zhangjiajie Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the China Hunan Chamber of Commerce of the UAE signed a strategic cooperation agreement on strengthening cultural, tourist, economic and trade cooperation. Two travel agencies between Zhangjiajie and the UAE signed a cooperation agreement on tourist reception.

On March 23, Zhangjiajie Nabaili Crowne Plaza Hotel signed cooperation agreements with Rixos Hotel and BAB ALQAR Hotel to better receive Muslim guests.

Zhangjiajie is located in the northwest of Hunan province. It’s a leader of Hunan tourism, an open window and a reception hall, as well as a brilliant brand of Beautiful China.

With beautiful scenery, it boasts six glittering cards, including the world natural heritage, one of the world's first geoparks, and China’s first national forest park. It’s a world-renowned tourist destination.

Zhang Yimin, ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in the UAE, said that Zhangjiajie is the first group to launch tourism promotion activities in the UAE this year. He warmly welcomed the arrival of Zhangjiajie and learned about the details about the tourism development of Zhangjiajie. He put forward good suggestions for Zhangjiajie to develop the inbound tourism market in the UAE. He hoped to further strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between the two places and deepen the friendship through tourism.

Liu Zheng Jie, deputy consul general of the Consulate General in Dubai, said that the cultural tourism promotion meeting held in Dubai by Zhangjiajie has played a very good role in introducing traditional Chinese culture and promoting tourist resources of Zhangjiajie. It has also provided an important opportunity for tourism and cultural cooperation between the two countries.
The Consulate General Dubai will actively play the role of a bridge for the friendly exchanges and practical cooperation between Zhangjiajie and Dubai, and help the development of economy and trade between the two places.

Mr. Abudulla, supervisor of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, said that Dubai is a world-famous tourist destination, and its tourist resources are complementary to those of Zhangjiajie. There is great potential for future cooperation between the two cities, with promising development prospects.   

At the promotion meeting, the mysterious and unique Zhangjiajie displayed in the tourism promotional video named “Fairyland Zhangjiajie” attracted many travel agents, media reporters, etc.. They asked questions on how to promote Zhangjiajie and its good products, and praised the impressive scenic beauty of wonderland Zhangjiajie.

Wang Tao said that, over the years, relying on the unique peak forests in the world, Zhangjiajie has created many tourist products pertaining to ecology, leisure, wellness and study tours, and built such key projects as Qixing Mountain, 72 Stilted Buildings and Dayong Ancient Town.

Now, Zhangjiajie is striving to make it a world-class tourist destination, and it will welcome more people from the UAE to visit Zhangjiajie for leisure and investment, and share the huge business opportunities and wealth brought by Zhangjiajie’s development as a world-class tourist destination. 

Edited by Li Ling 

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