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Dielianhua Hotel

By Zhang Heruijie | Updated : Jul 29, 2019

Dielianhua Hotel is built with black brick, gray tiles, and logs with the design of Tujia stilted building, which shows the owner’s passion for Tujia architecture and culture. The owner hopes that all domestic and overseas customers can experience and enjoy Tujia culture and custom.




Dielianhua Hotel is like a pure land of mind in this bustling city. Visitors can indulge themselves in this wonderful place, admiring lotus flowers, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, and talking with your friends beside the lotus pond. 


The most important thing in the journey of life is enjoying the view you come across. Dielianhua Hotel offers this chance to relax and find the true self in the picturesque scenery.

Address: go straight for 150 meters into the road across Tianmen Mountain cableway in Yongding District, Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Tel: 0744-2173888


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