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Yu Hotel Zhangjiajie Catalpa Eco Resort

Updated : Dec 18, 2020

Yu Hotel Catalpa Eco Resort is located in Longweiba Village of Xiehe Township in Wulingyuan District, which is near from Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

The guest houses are spacious and reasonably laid out. The floor-to-ceiling window and open balcony will bring you close to nature.

In the morning, you will see birds in the forest; at night, you are accompanied by stars and the moon. While lying in bed, you can enjoy the natural scenery of the Wulingyuan core scenic area.

There are also a canteen, spa, an edgeless swimming pool and a traditional natural farming ecological experience area.

Yu Hotel Catalpa Eco Resort won various design awards. Surrounded by forests, it tries to reduce man-made traces, giving guests a sense of peace ,originality and simplicity.

Yu Hotel Catalpa Eco Resort holds the idea of sustainable development and respects the rule of nature. Taking advantage of Zhangjiajie tourist resource and local culture, it makes efforts to create a homestay integrating elegant guest rooms, special food, ecological farming and culture together.

Tel: 0744-2178888

Address: Zimugang Forestry Center of Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie

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