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Jianwai Canyon Meiying Hotel

Updated : Aug 05, 2019

Jianwai Canyon Meiying Hotel is located among peaks and valleys of Zhangjiajie’s core scenic area, covering more than 10 thousand mu (6.67 square kilometers). The classic stone castle alongside the stream echoes with the simple courtyard across the shore, forming a wild and luxurious human dwelling integrated with nature. The stone castle has more ethnic features while the courtyard is more modern and stylish. They are both a great destination for vacation, league building, and wedding.

The stone castle is built with the rockfall and the spring water is drawn into the castle, thus creating a living space on the water bank, on the water, under the peak and in the forests. The simple courtyard is full of zen spirit. There are bamboo woods, flowers, grass, spring pools and fountains in the courtyard. The ingenious design brings the landscape of hills and waters in the room. The two different styles sharing one theme is a challenge for the owner but the guests have more available choices and have the chance to enjoy the culture.

The hotel has double rooms with various themes. The bedding is carefully selected and the room is equipped with air conditioner, underfloor heating, all-day hot and cold spring system, and intelligent brand sanitary ware.

The hotel is built with private kitchen, producing Chinese and western breakfast and mother folk feast, challenging the taste buds with all kinds of delicious food. The hostel also provides afternoon tea, wine tasting, barbecue, study, and scenery conference room for entertainment.

There are spacious parking lot, a number of edgeless swimming pool, natural lawn wedding plaza, pond, children’s playground, yoga and tai chi practice field and 5.8 kilometers of canyon outdoor tourism route.

The hotel also provides personal butlers and extended limousines for free pick-up and drop-out service. Jianwai Canyon Meiying Hostel aims to give mountains soul, water spirits, and people love, letting people enjoy the wildlife in the mountains.

Address:Zhangjiajie jianwai qijing resort, Yangjiajie, Zhonghu Village, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City

Contact: 0744-5999998

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