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The introduction of Luotan Village

By Chen Yuting | Updated : Aug 05, 2019
Located in the west of Sanguan Temple Tujia Township, Luotan village is close to Zhangjiajie Grand Gorge, Wulingyuan Huanglong Cave, Baofeng Lake, and other scenic spots. With the forest coverage rate over 80%, it has a beautiful landscape and unique natural karst caves.  

The total area of the village is 11,115 mu, among which there are 971 mu cultivated land (including 390 mu paddy fields and 581 mu dry farmland ) and 8,150 mu forest area. There are 206 households with 792 people and 10 villager groups, including 470 laborers, 29 low-income workers, 5 five-guarantee households, 19 disabled people, and 27 CPC members.

In 2014, the per capita net income of the farmers was 2,140 yuan. At present, there are 30 poor households and 113 poor people, and 21 households with 96 people have been out of poverty.

The collective economy of Luotan village now has reached more than 200,000 yuan. In 2016, it was no longer in the list of poverty-stricken villages after the acceptance. The remaining 9 households and 27 people are expected to get rid of poverty in 2018.

Since 2015, with the help of the municipal government office, the village has vigorously implemented the “Luotan Village Poverty Alleviation Plan” and the “Luotan Village Rural Tourism Industry Development” relying on its beautiful landscape, profound Tujia culture and unique folk customs. 

It has worked on creating a "Luotan model" with accurate positioning, new conception, and high standards to develop the tourism industry and to help the people become better off. It has formed its working ideas of “ giving full play to geographical advantages, relying on tourism to alleviate poverty, serving the core scenic spots, and building a beautiful village”.

It has made the goal of “realizing overall poverty alleviation in three years”. And it has decided to reduce poverty through tourism through the construction of “Five Ones” (one  road, one sidewalk, one set of water conservancy facility, one tourism community, one area of characteristic residential houses) and the “four gardens, one valley and two restaurants” (a peach garden, a waxberry garden, a vegetable garden, a fishing garden, a Hetianju valley, a cave restaurant and a tilery restaurant).

The village newly built 10.6 kilometers modified asphalt tourist roads, 6 kilometers roads and 2 bridges with Tujia characteristics; renovated mountain ponds and ditches, laid 7,000 meters automatic water supply network, and built 300 cubic meters underground cellar for human and livestock drinking water; add 4 power transformers with 1,100 meters deep-buried power and communication pipe network.

The high-standard infrastructure projects not only solves the difficulties in traveling, drinking water, and electricity but also meets the actual needs of developing rural tourism industry. Relying on resources, the four ecological industries developed by Luotan Village have benefited all poor households and improved the villagers’ per capita income.

The Hetianju Valley has received 150,000 tourists for one year and the cave restaurant catered for 120,000 people with income more than 10 million yuan, providing jobs for 80% of the laborers in the village and for people in the surrounding villages as well. 

Luotan Village has jumped from the poorest village of Sanguan Temple Township to “provincial poverty alleviation demonstration village”, “provincial party building work demonstration village” and “the provincial model village of 
beautiful countryside”.

With the great development of Luotan village, tourists come in great numbers to visit and the young people who go out to work are back. Luotan Village has eliminated poverty in just three years, showing the amazing change brought by “poverty alleviation through tourism”.
2019 Zhangjiajie Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports