WRCA certifies Jiutian Column as World's largest

By Zhang Heruijie | China Daily | Updated : Aug 21, 2019
At 10:28 on August 8, World Record Certification Agency (WRCA) was verifying a column with a height of 12 meters and a bottom circumference of 21.5 meters in the Jiutian Xuannv Cave in Maoyan River scenic area. Through checking up the shape of the column and the data, WRCA certified the column as “The world's largest single karst cave column”.

Jiutian Xuannv Cave is named after a column called “Jiutian Xuannv column” and is also known as Jiutian Cave because there are nine skylights connecting the top of the cave.

Jiutian Cave is a natural karst cave. The area that has been proved to be able to be visited covers up more than 2.5 million square meters, which equals to 400 standard size football courts.

Jiutian Cave is universally accepted as “The biggest cave in Asia” by the geology academy and praised as “The World’s Miracle”, “Biggest in Asia, Unique in World”, and “Queen of the Cave” by the tourists. Since numerous stalagmites stand in the cave, which look like the 3,000 mountains in Zhangjiajie, Jiutian Cave is also called “Underground Zhangjiajie”.

In 2018, Maoyan River scenic area performed an overall transformation on the lighting in Jiutian Cave. It uses different color lights to display the ancient mythologies, historical stories, and Chinese culture. The lighting show turns the dark and mysterious underworld to the colorful,historical and living scenes, making tourists feel like in a dream.

The successful certification of the world's largest single karst cave column means another world’s best is born in Zhangjiajie, which will promote the tourism brand of Zhangjiajie and the popularity of Maoyan River scenic area.

WRCA is established by British Government and is headquartered in London where the first world’s best was certificated. WRCA certifies the world’s best in all areas all over the world and is now the only official world record certification agency. It has set up offices in various countries including USA, Russia, China, Japan, and India.

WRCA aims to promote and accelerate the development of the cultural communication, enhance popularity of the record holder, help people to discover potentials, and offer a new perspective to see the world through certificating the world’s best in areas such as world record, research, publicity, data preservation, inheritance and education, and exhibition and transaction.

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