Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan District: a hot summer holiday resort

By Chen Yuting | China Daily | Updated : Aug 14, 2019
One guesthouse owner in Wulingyuan said that the occupancy rate is high in summer holiday, most of which are booked in advance.

Overseas tourists are taking relax in Mirror Cube, Wulingyuan

There are a lot of popular rural guesthouses, which become attractions with the average occupancy rate over 95% in summer holiday in Mirror Cube (jinglifang), Shuimu Xiaoxiang, No. Five Valley. The guesthouse owner of Mirror Cube said, since mid-July, the occupancy rate of Mirror Cube has reached 98%, and 90% of them were tourists from abroad.

The rural folk music party in Dayong Mijing

Guesthouses would offer not only the peaceful natural environment, but also the interesting activities. Besides its attracting brands, guesthouses also try to provide the related entertainment service. In the No. Five Valley, you can empty your mind in the day and go to the bar, KTV or BBQ to enjoy and relax. There are different entertainments like local folk music party in other places.

Yoga enthusiasts are doing yoga in Zishan Manju

The hot guesthouse tourism during the summer holiday also brings the surrounding countryside a chance to make money. Some melons, fruits, maize, vegetables and other agricultural by-products become popular commodities. And some villagers would go to work in guesthouses after they have finished their farm work.

Yoga enthusiasts are doing morning exercise in Shuimu Xiaoxiang

Close to the scenic spot with convenient transportation, each guesthouse has its special ecological, humanistic, personalized characteristics, different marketing channels and supporting products to attract guests, which let Wulingyuan rural guesthouses become a hot spot in summer holiday. Peng Bin, secretary of the Party Group of Wulingyuan District Culture, Tourism, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau, said that 2019 is the year of Zhangjiajie's guesthouse tourism. As a new type of reception with local characteristics, guesthouses  can not only enrich the experience of tourists coming to Zhangjiajie, but also  can expand the pattern of Zhangjiajie's residential tourism industry.
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