Sangzhi white tea shines in the 11th Hunan Tea Expo

By Chen Yuting | Updated : Sep 11, 2019
On September 6, the 11th Hunan Tea Expo opened and Sangzhi white tea also appeared in the exhibition. There are five enterprises of Sangzhi, like Hunan Xiangfeng Tea, Xilian Chaye, Linfeng Tea Industry, Wanbaoshan Tea Idustry and Gaoshan Yiyun Chaye taking part in the exhibition with their tea products, which are popular among the tea lovers.

On the site, a lot of people gathered in the exhibition hall of Sangzhi white tea to taste the tea and the tea got high praise from tea lovers and tea businessmen. The director of Sangzhi White Tea Office introduced that Sangzhi White Tea has innovated the processing technology, because of which it has a strong and lasting fragrance and bright yellow color, as well as the great benefit for beauty and health, so it has the reputation of “one-year tea, three-year medicine and seven-years treasure”.

In the promotion of Sangzhi white tea, the deputy head of Sangzhi County Zhangfan said that, Sangzhi will make efforts to improve white tea industry based on Zhangjiajie’s tourism market. By 2025, Sangzhi will achieve the goal of 100,000 mu of high standard base construction and the output value of over 1 billion yuan of, to build white tea as a famous brand in Sangzhi and make Sangzhi become a hometown of Hunan white tea.
At the signing ceremony of "Sangzhi White Tea Promotion Meeting", 12 companies in and out of Hunan province signed contracts valued at 57 million yuan with Hunan Xiangfeng Tea, Xilian Tea and Gaoshan Yiyun Tea.

In recent years, by implementing the strategy of "tourism integration, poverty alleviation through industries and green development", Sangzhi County has built the brand of Sangzhi white tea relying on Zhangjiajie's tourism market, and Sangzhi also has been listed as the one of 33 key tea counties in Hunan Province.

At present, Sangzhi has tea gardens with an area of 69,000 mu, 46 large and small tea processing enterprises, 12 leading enterprises above the municipal level and 6 enterprises above the scale. It has more than 20 brands such as "Sangzhi White tea", "Xilian Yunwu", "Wanbaoshan", "Sanhe Garden", "Sangzhi Wild tea". Last year, it has produced 1,600 tons of tea, with an output value of nearly 200 million yuan. Among them, Sangzhi White Tea was selected as one product of the series local reputation, and won the 11th "China Cup" National Famous Tea Award, the Innovative Products of Hunan Ten Billions Tea Industry, and "Yuan Longping Special Award" and etc.

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